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The Temple Dance!

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        On saturday September, 21st there was a Temple dedication dance for the youth of  The Chuch Of Jesus Christ Of  latter-day Saints. This was a really fun event for all those who participated, Because we got to dance for the whole state of Utah. And there was some general authorities who came and watched us while we danced. For me and I think many others this was a fun and tiring .  Thousands  of young people of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints performed in a cultural celebration the night before the dedication of the Brigham City Temple.  Nearly 4,000   young men and women, ages 12 to 18, have rehearsed and planned for months for this event that parents, friends and church leaders watched Saturday night.

     The reason why I picked this artical is because I think allot of the youth that particapated wanted to here about what they did. So I figured That I would show the youth what they did. Also this was a fun articale to write about.

            the only way i think ksl could have made this story better is bye showing more of the dancing, so the kids who danced could have seen them selves. Thats all for this time Coleden.


Journalism Assessment- The Shaping of the Guitar

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I read the artical ” The Shaping of the Guitar”   and it is very awesome because of the legacy that is going on and has been going on for generations.  The Stika family bought a little guitar shop and decided to make it their own and fix it to one day be very successful.  They made guitars here with their own hands.  After a few of the elders had passed on in their family it was a new generations turn to step up. Unfortunately their father had cancer and only had a few months to live. He tied his hardest to try and finish all of the guitars he could and when he had passed on his son promised to make this shop his own and never let the legacy die.  Since then he as made this shop a success and a lot of famous people have visited it. His town is going to have a fundraiser and the proceeds go to him and his shop. To find out more here is the link to this artical:

I chose this artical because I love guitars and I wanted to find out what was so special about this legacy. I think that it is really cool that they did that their family.  It makes me think if my family could have a legacy, or if I could start one .

I think that the reporter got a lot of information in, but they made it maybe a little long. They could also just make it more exciting with suspense or something. I did like this artical they have done better than I could ever do.


My article was on how the American Academy of  Pediatricians (AAP) thinks that trampolines are too dangerous for little kids. The AAP says that emergency rooms around the country see 100,000 injuries a year from kids jumping on the trampoline, close to 1/3 of them have to stay in the hospital. Most moms said that everything you let your child do has its risks. The AAP gives tips to make this activitiy safer, they say check with your insurance covers trampoline related claims, only let one person jump at a time, have padding around the edges, place the trampoline on level ground, and try to tell the kids not to do tricks. I know a lot of people who like to jump on the tramp including me. I hope that parents are going to try and make it safer!

I chose  this article because i like to jump on the tramp. When I have to babysit little kids they always want to go outside and jump, I thought it would help me get ideas on how to make it safer for the kids. I’m glad i did this article because now I can make it safe for my nieces. I know lots of people who get hurt on the trampoline. I hope I can make it safer!

I think they could have added more detail. They could have interviewed more moms, maybe some who have had a child get an injury. They also could have added more facts to the article.



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Hi im going to tell you a little bit about sports.
Well first off there is basketball for boys and girls.
The object of the game is to score more points than the other team!
Usually in basketball you get to shoot foul shots and rebound the ball.
It’s really fun if you have never played you should try!!!

Now I will tell you a little bit about volleyball. . .
Volleyball is a girls sport but if boys really wanted to play they probably could.
In volleyball you can spike it, pass it, hit it.
Another thing is you get a lot of exercise from making sure
the other team doesn’t score a point.

Next is football. . . .
I don’t know a lot about football.
I just know there is a quarterback,
an offence line and there is a kicker and a defence line.
The quarterback usually throws the ball.
And the kicker well kicks the ball.

Now there is softball and baseball. . . .
Softball and baseball are a lot a like.
Well softball girls ball and baseball boys play.
In baseball the bases are farther than softball and
the pitch is different like they but is behind their backs.
And in softball they have to go full  circle and release at their hips.

Theres somethings about sports!   
                                 – mckenzie

Do you like the school’s food?

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Hi this is ethan. Im wondering how many people like the school’s food. Some of the school food can be good other choices though not so much. So vote on if you like the school’s food.

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Are trampolines really to dangerous for little kids?

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  I bet all kids like jumping on trampolines, or doing awesome tricks. Well imagine if you couldnt jump on trampolines agian! Are trampoline to dangerous for little kids? What do you think? Trampolines can be dangerous for little kids especially when they are jumping with someone five times their size. Well my artical was about,the Pediatrician discourages of trampoline use for children. Its awesome for kids to be active and get their form of exersize, so why not go jump on tramp? In others point of view children shouldnt jump on the tramp because they think its to risky for children. Even though the injury rates went down still 98,000 children were injured in 2009,with a result of 3,100 hospitalized. Most children that get hurt are usaully 5 and under.(:

   I chose this artical because I loved jumping on the tramp. My little  cousin has expereneced getting hurt while jumpping on the trampoline  and came straight down on her leg and broke her leg. Sometimes I think back to this artical and say it is dangerous for little kids but for 12 and 13 year olds I think we’re fine. This artical was very intresting to read. I think parents with younger children should keep an eye on their kids while jumping on the tramp so they can help prevent  injuries.I as in my opinion think that the trampolines with nets are safer for smaller kids. (:  

This artical could of been a little better if they added some more detail to their point  of view, other than that I thought the artical was very intresting. 🙂