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This is phillip this will be one of my last posts, ironicly this post was one of my first but I did not finish it and never posted it I am going to write about school it is a boring place 🙂 but yet we have to go here every day except for the weekends or when you feel like faking sick. honestly have you ever actually been sick during school? Well maybe once. But still the teachers only lose thier temper every once in a while. And when they do it is pretty funny, unless you are the poor idiot who caused them to boil over like I never am. In fact I only got in trouble ounce, for blabbing on about cats (typical). And most the time the lessons are pretty interesting. Keep caffine pills in your backpack just in case:). Oh well this was fun and I just found out this is my last post boo hoo hoo. TTFE Ta Ta For Ever

Sadly phillip



School by kaden

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I like school but i dont. like i dont like the boring classes. some boring classes that i dont really like is Utah studies. that class is REALLY boring! another class i dont like but is kinda fun is L.A. its kinda fun because Cooper Jensen is in there. he told me to say that. well i dont really have anything else to talk about so im just going to say random things. I like school. School can be boring!

ELEPHANTS attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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ok i wonder……. I have been asked what would i do if i got attcked by an elephant????

I say i would run like no other and then try to hide….. but…… if that does not work and the elphant

got closer then i would yell!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR STATE FARM IS THERE!!!!???? WAIT?!?!?!

would they even come to help me AT ALL!!!!!   this is not helping they are not meant to hide from me

THEY ARE MEANT TO HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! right?????


by::::: tatiana walker

P.S. i am not quite sure they would even come to help me??? lol they dont like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      😀

elaphants are fat

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if elaphants attacked i wopuld freak out. maybe pop a cap in them. then throw a fat picture of salina gomez at them so that they get scared. elephant are fat but i am fatterer. i am a person that hates elaphants.




marshall carl laquiarez


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Are you excited for summer? I know I am. I can’t wait to be outside all the time. Right now it still gets cold some times. Once summer finally gets here it will be hot all the time. I want school to be over (sorry teachers). No homework or projects to do. It is so hard to see why I want school to be over. When it is summer we can go camping and fishing. Just have a lot of fun in the sun!


What do you do when your bored? Nyna!!:)

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What do you do when your bored? Do you go and watch TV? Go to a friends house? Or just entertain yourself?? Well I know that I go and hang out with all my friends. What do you do??

The thing I liked most about this year!

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The thing I liked most about this year was getting to hang out with my friends and have awesome teachers! This year was almost the best year I have had so far it is full of fun and I love my advisory class because everyone in there is really funny.! They talk about weird things but its worth it every day that I have been in that class. ;D

-Kayla ;D