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Dangers Of Drugs..

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We all know that drugs are extremely dangerous. But do we all know that drugs have many dangerous chemicals inside them that can get you addicted from the first time you try?  Hopefully we all do! Many people sadly use drugs because there friends are doing it, or they feel cool when they are using them. But It’s not cool when you have yellow teeth and finger nails, and you talk gross. People dont start to relize this untill they are older and there addicted to the drug, and they have other priorities then just that pack of ciggerets that your addicted to. Most importently hopefully everyone will relize that drugs are not the answer and they will never start in the first place.

By: Maddy



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Drugs aren’t good for you one little bit.  Drugs are very dangerous.  There are many illegal drugs coming from Mexico these days.  They can kill you if you stay on them too much.  Or if you take too much at one time you can pass out and have a head injury.  Smoking even causes cancer, and cancer isn’t a small funny joke, it’s serious.  If you drink that can cause brain damage.  If you get drunk you could become reckless.  If you are older you could get in a wreck.  You could abuse people, and many other things.  So think about next time you pick up a smoke, a drink, or an illegal sack of drugs.  Think about what could happen to you because of that stupid choice.

Drugs are bad!!!

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Do you think drugs are bad? I do. Drugs are very bad for you. The are also illegal if you are underaged. You you consome to many drugs you could die!!!! Some drugs can get you high. If you get high you will look like a fool. If you have to much at one time you could pass out and have head injury. If you smoke the smell of it gets on your clothes and you smell nasty. So if you ever want to try drugs dont!!! And if you ever get offerd drugs dont take them.

druuuugs=deeeaaath By phillip

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              Peek-a-boo haha I scared you… OI!!! stop that crying. I’m not that scary, oh you saw my picture, well I haven’t looked in the mirror lately(is that a bad thing?) yeah thought so. Anyway I am writing about the dangers of drugs. Yeah they can KILL you litiraly they will break into your house and snuff you!!! Tis’ scary right… riiiiight? Drugs are very adictive and dangerous and they impair you they can invite death right into your house. It also is a expensive addiction and the drugs can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a day, A DAY!!! oh well hope you learned something time to go bye bye


Drugs are way bad for you and your brain. If you do drugs and don’t die in like 5 or 6 years. It will catch up to you and you eventually will. Don’t do meth it causes death. Do something else for your natural high. Play football or basketball or something. I don’t know why people would want to fo frugs anyways. All you guys have seen the bad and killing effects of drugs. The best way not to die from drugs is never start. Do othe world a favor and stay away from drugs. Another thing don’t overdose. Prescriptions are good but not that much.

The Dangers Of Drugs..

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Durgs are the worst possible thing you could ever do in my book. They are very ugly. They are not a very wise choise to make. In fact if you do drugs we.. Your a cotton headed ninny muggins because, there is nothing smart about taking drugs. You will never learn anything if your doing drugs your whole life. You’ll become a nobody just like the rest of the millions of silly people that do drugs and other bad things. So make something useful of your life and start with not soing drugs! ;D Be Drug Free! (:

– Kayla(;

Dangerous Drugs By Wyatt Sorensen

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Drugs are very dangerous. They have killed alot of people in the last years or so. Some of them are drinking, smoking, and perscriptions. Drugs can hurt your brain. Also it can hurt your nlungs and liver. Take good advise dont do drugs. All drugs can be hyarmful. If someone offers you a ciggrette Do Not take it. Even though people might not die it usuallys kills your personality. That would suck if it did. So dont do drugs.   

By: wyatt sorensen