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Remember to give feedback on Derek, Jackson, and My page here on the blog. Our page is page 7.




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The first person to bring “Kitty” from the paper to me will get a poem about Kitty for free that I wrote. Remember, Kitty has to be CUT OUT.



Homebase Activity!!!!!! FRIDAY

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I am excited to tell you guys about our Homebase Activity tommorrow! Our activity is “BINGO!” This activity is very fun because everytime you get bingo you get to race down the hall to get a special treat! We had this activity last year and we all had a super fun time. This isn’t  your ordinary activity this activity is very special. This activity is the ONLY activity that you guys actually get to RUN down the hallway!  We all had fun but soemtimes you have to be the first one down to the office to get the first choice of MYSTERY treats! So now that I have told you about this activity I hope all of you enjoy it!!

BYE: Kaylee 🙂


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Mtn.Dew is so good.  It is one of the best drinks in the world.There are so many different flavors.  I have tryed every flavor of Mtn.Dew.  My favorite flavor is everyone except Mtn.Dew throwback.  I really want to try Mtn.dew from different countarys.  What I like to do with Mtn.Dew throwback is to shoot it with my BB gun and watch it explode!  It is so fun to watch it explode


Hunger Games!!!;)

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I went and saw Hunger Games on Sunday morning! The movie started at 12:10 am. I went with my dad and my sister. At first i didn’t think that i was going to like it because usually i don’t like fighting movies, but i loved this one! My favorite characters are Katniss, Gale, and Peeta. I like Katniss’ personality because she is brave and loves her family so much! She is so honest and truth worthy. When someone is mean she is mean back. She doesn’t tolerate mean people. I love Hunger Games and can’t wait for the next movie!;)

By: Dacia

.::ThE hOsT cLuB::.

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I am going to blog about me and my friends’ club. Our club is full of (pshyco :D) anime freaks and we call ourselves the “Host Club”. Reason we have this club is because we like and watched an anime called, “Ouran High School Host Club”. We choose to be called by a character we act mostly like. For an example every one calls me “Tamaki Suoh”, the king aka president of the Host Club! My best friend, Odyssey, goes as “Kyoya Otori”, the vice-president of the Host Club and is Tamaki’s best friend. 🙂 Yasmeen is an other best friend of mine and she goes by “Haruhi Fujioka”. Lilly is also in the club and she goes by “Kaoru Hitachiin” and Erin goes by “Hikaru Hitachiin” and even though they aren’t really twins yet siblings in real life, they are the twins in our Host Club. The only boy in our Host Club is Alec, and he goes by “Takashi Morinozuka, Mori”. The last member is Johnna and she goes by “Mitsukuni Huninozuka, Huney”. Come and talk to us if you want to learn more about the Host Club! And I hope you aren’t bored to death about this whole anime obbsession of mine. 😉

~ Ally aka Tamaki


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Journalism is my favorite class! We do so many fun activities! Mrs. Kent is such a funny teacher! She makes the whole class time so fun! Some of our activities we do are, we do camp fires, those are my favorite! And we go to the computer lab and do newspaper and other fun stuff! In journalism i sit by my friends, and so it makes it more fun. I am so excited for more experiences in journalism.  Journalism is awesome!(:

By: Maddy